1) President Trump announced that the European Union has agreed to his demands for a more even trading field. America and the EU will work towards zero trade environment, eliminating all tariffs, taxes, quotas and other trade barriers both ways. This is considered a major trade accomplishment for Trump.

2) Liquid water has been discovered under the south pole of Mars. It’s a salt water lake of liquid water about a mile under the ice cap, which is about 12 miles across. While the water temperature is between -10 and -30 C, it has nevertheless raised the possibly of life outside of earth because on earth life is found whenever there is water.

3) Reports have surfaced that Henry Kissinger counsel President Trump to work with Russia as a tactic to box in China to contain her rising power. This is the same strategy Kissinger used to box in Russia during the Nixon administration.

4) 25 JUL 18 stock market closing: The stock market jumped upwards on President’s Trump’s announcement of EU agreement.

Dow               25,414.10      up      172.16
Nasdaq           7,932.24       up         91.47
S&P 500          2,846.07       up         25.67

Oil    up  at    $69.39

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