1) Facebook suffered a whopping one day 19% drop in it’s stock for a loss of $15.9B dollars. This is the largest single day drop for a company in history. While the company still had huge growth for the last quarter, it was nevertheless below the expected growth, because of Facebook’s heavy expenditures for upgrades to counter the scandals from abuse of data collected by Facebook.

2) The European Union pledged to buy soybeans and Liquid Natural Gas as part of President Trump’s trade reforms. Buying natural gas from America will also loosen Russia’s influence over Europe, thus leaving Russia more isolated.

3) Complaints surfaced concerning Twitter’s censoring of content of four republican members of congress, who are noted for their support of President Trump. This practice is called ‘shadow ban’, which prevents searches from finding information to people, thus isolating people in public office from voters.

4) Proceedings have started in congress to impeach Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein of dereliction of duty.

5) 26 JUL 18 stock market closing:   The Nasdaq took a sharp drop because of the drop of Facebook’s stock.

Dow            25,527.07          up    112.97
Nasdaq         7,852.18     down      80.05
S&P 500        2,837.44     down         8.63

Oil     up   at     $69.55

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