1) The Nasdaq fell 4%, erasing its 2018 gains, because of concerns for rising interest rates and fears over the economies of the world.  Wall Street is calling this drop a correction.

2) Best Buy announced the closing of 50 box stores, causing its stock to drop after also reporting quarterly results.

3) The Treasury Department has auctioned off its preferred shares in six smaller banks it acquired during the financial crisis.

4) 24 OCT 18 Stock market closings:   The Dow drops over 600 points as late-day selling accelerates.

Dow                     24,583.42        down       608.01
Nasdaq                  7,108.40        down       329.14
S&P 500                 2,656.10        down         84.59

10 Year Yield:      down    at     3.12%

Oil:      $66.46     down    from    $66.27

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