1) Saudi Arabia has seen a significant reduction in the attendance of their global investment conference, ‘Davos in the Desert’, from boycotts because of the murder scandal in Turkey.

2) Stock markets continue a downward movement, with the volumes of stocks traded heavier than normal. Expectations are for these heavy volumes to continue. Stocks like Caterpillar and 3M are consider bell weathers of international markets, and their stocks are moving downward.

3) As oil prices plunge, Saudi Arabia vows to produce as much as possible to compensate for Iran sanctions. Oil prices are at a two month low over concerns of the health of world economics.

4) 23 OCT 18     Stock   price   closings:

Dow                  25,191.43       down      125.98
Nasdaq               7,437.54       down        31.09
S&P 500              2,740.69        down       15.19

10 Year Yield:         down   at    3.17%

Oil:         $66.27    down   from    $69.63


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