1) IBM says that a rush to over regulate the digital business could topple the digital economy. This stems from privacy concerns about the collection of large quantities of data and its importance for AI (Artificial Intelligence) development of systems for their learning.

2) Small businesses see a trickle-down effect of the shutdown. The Pelosi-Trump squabble over the State of the Union address shows how far apart each side is in ending the shutdown and thus ending the negative effects on business.

3) Ford Motor Company posted a poor forth quarter earnings report. In the fourth quarter, Ford’s earnings were a net loss of $116 million dollars or 3 cents per share compared with 2017 profits of $2.5 billion dollars or 63 cents per share.

4) 23 JAN 19 Stock market closings:

Dow               24,575.62      up     171.14
Nasdaq           7,025.77      up         5.41
S&P 500          2,638.70      up         5.80

10 Year Yield:       up   at   2.76%

Oil:       down   at   $52.43

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