1) China has lowest economic growth in nine years, with a 6 1/2% growth.  This is China’s lowest growth since the start of the financial crisis, which has investors dropping China stocks.

2) This coming Christmas season, Walmart will not be hiring seasonal workers for the second year in a row.  Instead, Walmart will give its own employee’s an opportunity to earn extra cash, coupled with the difficulty getting new employees in the tight labor market.

3) Walmart considers China as its primary area for market expansion, having missed the online retail of e-commerce boom.  Walmart continues its efforts to expand its presences in China, including Sam’s Club.

4) 19 OCT 18    Stock market closings:    Market roller-coaster continues with Dow breaking three week losing streak.

Dow                  25,444.34            up             64.89
Nasdaq               7,449.03       down             36.11
S&P 500              2,767.78       down               1.00

10 Year Yield:    up    at     3.20%

Oil:      $69.37    up   from    $68.73

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