1) There are three major retailers who stand to gain from the bankruptcy of Sears- JC Penney, Kohl’s and Macy’s, but Amazon and Walmart could also absorbed most of Sears customers.

2) Some experts are claiming that China’s declining stock market can also weaken the US markets.

3) The United States spending is increasing while revenues fall despite growth in the economy. Revenues from taxes are flat, while the cost of entitlements continues to increase.  The federal deficient is $779 Billion dollars, which increased 17% from a year ago, and is forecast to reach $1 Trillion dollars in two years.

4) 18 OCT 18     Stock market closings:     Stock   markets   continue   downward slide.

Dow                                  25,379.45       down    327.23
Nasdaq                               7,485.14       down    157.56
S&P 500                               2,768.78      down      40.43

10 Year Yield:     steady   at    3.18%

Oil:    $68.73    down    from     $69.96

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