New article posted below titled “U.S. ENERGY SEC. COMMENDS MEXICO’S ADMIN IN ENDING FUEL IMPORTS!!!!!”

1) The National Debt is at its highest level since World War II and is about to come to the forefront of the national debate. It’s anticipated that by 2028, the National Debt will equal the US economy in size.

2) The French oil company Total Oil has pulled out of a $5 billion dollar deal with Iran because of the US imposed embargos on Iran.

3) More on Venezuela’s economic troubles- The Venezuela government today announced it is raising its minimum wage 3,000% while also devaluating its currency by 95.8%, as citizens continue to stream out of the country to adjacent countries to escape the collapsing socialist economy.

4) 20 AUG 18 Stock market closings:

Dow           25,758.69       up      89.37
Nasdaq        7,821.01       up        4.68
S&P 500       2,857.05       up        6.92

10 Year Yield: down at 2.82%

Oil: up at $66.62

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