New article posted below titled, “U.S. ENERGY SEC. COMMENDS MEXICO’S ADMIN IN ENDING FUEL IMPORTS!!!!!”

1)  Maersk, the Danish shipping and industrial conglomerate announced it is divesting itself of it’s oil drilling assets as part of its breakup plan, to focus on transportation and logistics.

2)  Elon Musk of Tesla, made public comments that he intended to take Tesla private by buying up its public stock. These comments made the stock’s price drastically shoot up which is causing SEC to investigate improprieties on Musk’s part. He has been served a subpoena by the SEC.

3)  FYI – Security clearances, such as those that have been in the news these last few days, are expensive affairs, not only to obtain, but to maintain. There are periodic cost associated with maintaining security clearances, which is one reason that security clearances are automatically discontinued for the vast majority of people upon termination of employment for whatever the reason.

4) 17 AUG 18          Stock market closing:

Dow              25,669.32          up          110.59
Nasdaq           7,816.33          up              9.81
S&P 500          2,850.13          up              9.44

10 Year Yield:      no   change   at     2.87%

Oil:      up   at   $65.92

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