New article posted below titled “The Monopoly Game for Millennials”

1) Congressional report of insulin prices increasing, states that the price of insulin has doubled since 2012, and has tripled in the previous ten years. These increased cost, are for the most part, being passed onto the insurance companies, but diabetics without insurance are sometimes facing life threatening situations.

2) Wages have risen 3.1%, the highest in a decade, for the third quarter. This is considered to be the missing piece in the economy recovery.

3) There are 46 million Americans over the age of 65 today, forecast to increase to 88 million by 2050 and 98 million by 2060. The problems of aging for modern populations is typified with Japan finding it’s hard to get growth from a shrinking society.

4) 1 NOV 18    Stock market closings:    Stocks close higher today over China trade talks.

Dow                        25,380.74      up     264.98
Nasdaq                     7,434.06      up     128.16
S&P 500                    2,740.37      up        28.63

10 Year Yield:     down   at    3.14%

Oil:     down   at    $63.58

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