New article posted below titled “The Monopoly Game for Millennials”

1) China has unused leverage in the trade war, the services from the US, which is at a surplus for America.  These services are tourism, higher education, financial services and consulting contracts.  So far, there are 102,000 fewer Chinese tourist to America.

2) Facebook’s growth has slowed (number of new users) over the recent data scandals.  Earnings have beat forecast, but with the slowest growth in six years. Facebook’s shares are volatile.

3) GM is offering buy outs to 18,000 out of its 50,000 salaried employees because of sagging sales.

4) 31 OCT 18   Stock   price   closings:     Oil  continues its downward slide.

Dow                    25,115.76      up     241.12
Nasdaq                 7,305.90      up     144.25
S&P 500                2,711.74      up        29.11

10 Year Yield:     up   at    3.16%

Oil:    down   at    $65.00

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