New article posted below, titled “Recession Worries?”

1) As the major retailer Sears follows Toys-‘R’-Us into financial collapses, there are seven other major retailers who are also financially weak.  They are JC Penny, Barnes & Noble, Stein Mart, Neiman Marcus, Rite Aid Pharmacy, J Crew and Stage Stores.  Several are plagued with several years of loses and double digit decline in sales.

2) England’s plans to exit the EU (European Union) regardless if there’s an agreement has put fears in the European markets if England exits without first getting an agreement.

3) So far, the California wild fires have destroyed some 12,800 structures, a loss which is a sever economic hit to the state, starting with loss tax revenues.  There was already limited construction resources before the fires, so long delays are expected in rebuilding.

4) 16 NOV 18      Stock market closings:

Dow                    25,413.22          up       123.95
Nasdaq                 7,247.87     down         11.16
S&P 500                2,736.27           up           6.07

10 Year Yield:     down   at    3.07%

Oil:    up   at    $56.83

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