1) The SEC issues a new warning about a$100 billion IRA market which is becoming a growing potential for money fraud. A self-directed IRA has unique risks that include the lack of disclosure and liquidity, as well as the risk of fraud. Digital assets such as the cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens, or unsecured promissory note that will pay 12 percent to 15 percent, are quite possibly a scam.

2) NAFA negotiations enter fourth week. US Chief economic advisor says a deal is very close, but hinges on Canada, who is declining to join negotiations.

3) Organ exchange programs based on economics uses markets for exchange of organs such as kidneys. Organizations such as UNOS (United Network Organ Sharing) uses market principles to match live donors based on the principle that the larger the market pool, the more successful matches can be found.

4) 16 AUG 18 Stock market closing:    News that China and US will hold new trade talks is reason for big gains in the markets.

Dow            25,558.73       up      396.32
Nasdaq         7,806.52       up        32.41
S&P 500        2,840.69       up        22.32

10 Year Yield:    up    at    2.87%

Oil:    up    at    $65.47

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