1) More states are considering enacting or raising their minimum wages, which is gaining popular support with more of their constituents.

2) Downward spiral of international markets, from fearful repercussions in the trade war with possible prosecution of Huawei’s CFO, mixed with data showing slower growth internationally, problems with Brexit and civil strife and unrest in France as populace movements gain momentum in Europe.

3) One of the worlds largest cleaning business, ISS A/S giant of Denmark is cutting 100,000 jobs or about 1/5 of its work force, by exiting 13 countries which account for 12% of its revenues.

4) 13 DEC 18            Stock market closings:

Dow                  24,527.27        up           157.03
Nasdaq                7,098.3         up             66.48
S&P 500             2,651.07         up             14.29

10 Year Yield:        up     at     2.91%

Oil:      up     at      $51.32

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