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Toyota (TM) beat General Motors (GM) in auto sales in 2021, to be the top automaker in USA; approx. 90 years (since 1931) when a car maker has overthrown the Detroit, Michigan auto titan General Motors (GM). Insiders speculated that the Japanese headquartered Toyota’s supply chain and productive outreach was more aligned to their customers, then GM’s.

Toyota (TM) sold 2.3 million vehicles compared to GM’s 2.2 million vehicles it sold. Toyota’s (TM) auto sales were up more than 10% then the previous year (2020). General Motors (GM) has been the #1 automaker in the United States since 1931, so this was a shocker to the industry, but many also indicated factors like GM’s supply chain did not sustain to the supply chain that Toyota (TM) had. Toyota’s (TM) chain of supply was simply better analysts believe.

GM hit new 52-week stock high on Tue, Jan. 4, 2021, topping $65.98. 2021 year was burdensome sales year for General Motor (GM) because of the supply chain shortages (semiconductor chips), that has not only affected GM but other automakers as well. GM’s top auto sales in 2021, were their Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra trucks. Toyota (TM) top selling vehicles in 2021 were the Rav4, Corolla & Camry’s. -SB

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