#TheCastPod Ep. #11: End of the Year Wrap Up 2019

#TheCastPodcast last episode of the 2019 year. Your hosts Sammy BE @EcoFireTV, Luisa L @LuisaModels & Jon “Da Don” Sterling @TheDramaBlock, closed 2019 very strong of course; 2020 will be way stronger.

The crew wrapped up the greatest moments in 2019, as well as accommodating outstanding guests, who dropped gems and jewels about their $$$$money moves$$$, in their respective businesses plus MORE FUN…. 2020 we R just getting started…. 2020 Let’s Go Get Em’……..

#TheCastPodcast#TheCastPod “WE ALL HAVE A VOICE & A OPINION, IT’S JUST HOW U USE URS” As always #BEBless #StayBless #GODBLESS #RealRecognizeDeal


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