BY: Economic & Finance Report

The hotel industry is going full force at town and city regulators around the US, to have individuals who are registered with AirBnB to attain licenses that are mandated in city and town laws. Many AirBnB participants seem to be able to skirt or skirmish from attaining licenses to be able to rent or sublet their apartments, condos, coops, room residences, because they are simply not registering for the applicable licenses.

Many homeowners who use AirBNB indicate they do not need licenses because most times they are only renting out a room or a residence less then the time needed legally to adhere to a license within city limits.

The license that is needed or at issue is what is called a vacation rental license which allows most rentors to rent or lease out their property for  a few years. Many residents don’t apply for the license which has become a problem to the hotel industry in many towns and cities, because they believe fraudulent behavior is going on.

Many hotels have to obtain and sustain licenses and they believe companies such as AirBNB are hurting the industry and the hospitality sector as a whole with what is happening. City and town regulators have been watching these developments unfold but it has been difficult to actually go after AirBNB hosts who do not follow the law and obtain the vacation rental licenses, because of how complex the situation is in general.


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