presidential & stock cycles

By: Economic & Finance Report

The financial markets and the economy will determine the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. In previous US presidential cycles; when the economy and the global financial markets align the incumbant either is reelected or their party is reelected for another four year term. If the economy and the markets take a nose dive then the opposition which in this case is the Republican party, will come into prominent power in the executive branch. 

Republicans have indicated that the economy has not bolstered under President Obama, that it has been natural progression of the economy and financial markets sorting itself out. The Democrats have indicated that President Obama and their were the masterminds of a gloomy landscape, which they indicated President Obama had the blueprint to make the landscape clear as day. 

However, the outcome turns out at the end; we definitely know that economic and financial factors were involved to determine the eventual outcome. -SB

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