The Fallacy That All the Worlds Problems Are Political Problems, That All Our Problems Can Be Solved By Political Activism.

By: James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM

Economic & Finance Report

I’m not a proponent or opponent of global warming, but it serves as an excellent example of a major flaw which has developed in America’s political system. This is the perception that all world’s problems are political problems, that the world is just one giant political arena. That every problem in the world is a political problem that can be solved by political activism and action. This is very much a fallacy and global warming is an excellent example of this premise. A problem that has a physical bases cannot be resolved by any political solution, unless the legislative process has significant control over those forces operating on the physical bases of a problem.

First of all, the general consensus in the scientific publications (not political) is that we are experiencing global warming and human activity is most likely a major factor. After that, nothing can really be said what the consequences will be, after all, you’re trying to predict the weather and look how difficult that is for just five days out, let alone five or fifty years in the future. But that’s not the point of this essay, the point is how so many are attempting to address the perceived problem.

And that’s with political activism!

Proponents of global warming use the classical methods of political activism, acting as if there is some evil, heartless, cruel, savage person … or some small malevolent group conspiring to deliberately bring the evils of global warming upon the masses of humanity. Their emotional

attitude is to root out and bring to the public light of awareness, those evil person or persons so public political action can be brought to bear upon them and thereby stopping them. But just how valid is this subconscious assumption? Is there really some mean cruel savage person or group of people who continually work towards bringing global warming upon the rest of us? Well, the physics of changing the world’s massive atmospheric environment says this isn’t something done by just a few individuals no matter how much power they may have. No, there isn’t some small group to act against.

So just who is at fault? Who is to blame for the problems of our environment? What are the true forces at work causing changes … and changes to any component of the problem? What is the forcing functions of the problem? That’s always the first step in addressing a problem (defining the problem), for without knowing a problem, you cannot develop any viable solutions.

So what’s the real problem causing global warming?

Any time you have a massive over population of any species, you will have environmental damage. A bacteria, algae, insects, a clam from the oceans of Asia, rats and feral cats on tropical pacific islands or rabbits in Australia. When their population becomes massive, the damage they cause to the environment becomes extensive. And it’s no different for us humans! Right now, there is a world population of over seven billion humans and growing. There has never been such a large population of large mammals (over say 100 pounds) in the world. The American buffalo or bison had a peak population of between 30 and 50 million, when herds extended for as far as the eye could see. That’s the real cause of global warming, as well as many other of the environmental problems we are now are experiencing. Those global warming activist are very careful to avoid facing this fact, because unconsciously they know there isn’t any real solution to the problem. The only real solution to global warming is to drastically reduce the world’s population to a tolerable level.

Unable to work real world problems, the activist are left to 0pretend0 solving the problem, which leaves them feeling better about the situation, because they are doing something even if it is a waste of time. They go about rallying public awareness and support using the methods of public education, demonstrations, news stories and rallies to fight those invisible malevolent evil people who are conspiring to harm their world. Use political activism to bring about their downfall and cure the problem of global warming … and make for a beautiful and wonderful magical new world. But why can’t they find these sinister people? Because they don’t go and look in a mirror! Global warming is a result of way to many people in the world, and just like any other massive overpopulation of a species, our overpopulation is causing extensive damage to the environment.

They’re not working the problem … instead they are pretending to solve the problem.

The problems for millenniums are being addressed using this same pretending and as a result, nothing real is being done to help them. The problems that political activism can actually address are rather limited, because of the legislative process, so if the legislators doesn’t have significant control over the forces which are driving a problem, then it stands to reason that the legislative process of a government is unable to do anything in resolving that problem.

Consequently, the government and people are left doing little else than pretending the problem is being addressed by creating and maintaining images of such.

The fallacy of global warming is that all the worlds problems are political problems, that all our problems can be solved by political activism. No need to analyze or study a problem, no need to understand or model a problem, no need to rationally work a problem, just use the old political activism … or maybe go one step further and have medicine men, wizards, sorcerers or shamans use their magic charms, wands, powders and symbols to conjure up magical spells that solve the problems of the world.

And with this same fallacy being applied to the problems of young Americans, their future continues to diminish and fade away.

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