We Are Back folks, but it’s cold outside, it’s a cold world ol’ girl…….. #TheCastPodcast, LIVE & DIRECT

Bizman Bass (Sammy BE) @Ecofire, Luisa L. @LuisaModels, & Jon Da Don Sterling @TheDramaBlock. We are #TheCast don’t get it F**ked up, course not…. This momentous episode; #TheCast had a chance to interview a lovely up and coming model. This young woman is definitely on her grind, in a never ending modeling industry, whether it’s entertainment, media, fashion, social media modeling; her work ethic and her work accumen is undeniable. We had the incredible pleasure in interviewing XIOMARA (aka Xiomara The Model aka Miss Random); and y’all know what it is when #TheCast comes on the set….

We most definitely shut the interviews down (as we should)…….Y’all Already Know……. Xiomara came on the show, to discuss her trials and tribulations working in modeling, and she came to explain the hussles & motivation needed, in trying to make it to the top of an industry, that is constantly changing. The fashion and modeling industries, two forces hard to reckon with; it is what it is….. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss (@ all costs)#TheCast

“WE ALL HAVE A VOICE & OPINION. IT’S JUST HOW U USE YOURS”….. As always, Be Bless, Stay Bless, God Bless


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