By: Economic & Finance Report

Sources close to the President Elect Trump, have indicated that former GoldmanĀ Sach’s banker/partner Steven Mnuchin, is being considered as the next US Treasury Secretary; sources of the Trump campaign have indicated a strong notion for him to be the next Treasury Secretary.

Mr. Mnuchin was Donald Trump’s national campaign chairman. He handled the majority of the finances coming into the campaign and exiting the campaign, also being dispersed to the Republican National Finance Committee; money would be distributed to Republican candidates around the country.

Mr. Mnuchin has years of experience in finance; being apart of the group that bought the federal government’s INDYMAC. Mnuchin’s group bought the former loan house, made it profitable and sold it for a tremendous profit. The group led by Mr. Mnuchin sold IndyMac for over $3.7 billion dollars. -SB

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