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Russia invades Ukraine by on various fronts of the Ukrainian borders. The borders of Ukraine saw Russian troops, tanks, air machinery and other militarized equipment enter Ukraine, Thursday, February 24, 2022. This is being considered one of the most signified intriguing events in European and global history; since World War 2. Europe has not succumbed to violence nor war in decades, and the stakes could not be any higher.

The United Nations held a special security council meeting about the events that has transpired less then 24 hours before and other neighboring countries and global partners were trying to contemplate a response to what has transpired. Many of the US partners and allies and many nations condemned Russia for escalating the conflict with neighboring Ukraine, but there was fragmentation from European countries, partners, NATO on a response and/or solution about the conflict.

The global financial markets ended up higher in percentage points; in a bit of a twist of irony and had many people scratching their heads on how the markets could go “green” or enter positive territory, with the nature of the environment that is being escalated in Europe, particularly the expanding conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Time can and will only tell, it seems. -SB

Image Source: BBC

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