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Popular trading and investing app platform Robinhood (HOOD: NASD), has officially fallen below $7 a share, at the end of Thursday June 16, 2022, trading day. It was a depressing trading session for the stock; as well as for the tech sector, as retailers are getting rid of growth stocks and placing their assets in more prominent safe havens.

Robinhood (HOOD: NASD) has less cash now because of the drop of market share and has seen their market cap diminish from the summer of 2021 when their shares were as high as $85/share. Experts have stated in the past, that Robinhood (HOOD: NASD) should develop and grow along with their customer base; while also finding new ways to expand operational progress and reach a wider audience. -SB

Image Source: Fox Business

Robinhood stock falls below $7 per share as former retail favorites are crushed (

We Are Definitely In A Bear Market……. – ECONOMIC AND FINANCE REPORT

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