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The pandemic placed many employees and workers home for long periods of time, and many people were fortunate to work from home, and many people are still fortunate to work from home, or are they? Well, it seems that new “thing” is remote work environments, which reveal that people who work remotely can be getting paid way more than people who actually go to an office or their workplace.

New article written by Chloe Berger indicates that maybe working from home or remote can have its perks and financial benefits. She cites recent comments via twitter by economic historian Dror Poleg, to make this case. In the twitter post by Mr. Poleg, he indicates why remote employees/workers are getting paid more and why it could be detrimental to office workers.

As the working “norms” shifts from one “norm to the next”; so will the “workplace environment” which it is set in. -SB

Berger, Chloe: The death of offices and the rise of remote work could mean someone with your title makes 20x more than you. Fortune: How the End of the Office Might Lead to Income Inequality | Fortune

Dror Poleg: @DrorPoleg

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