By: Economic & Finance Report

Zumper the real estate website for apartment renters unleashed financial data, that they raised $6.5 million for their real estate platform. Last year they raised a cool $6.5 million as well,  for their launch.

Zumper attains 1.5 million visitors monthly, to their platform. Most of their visitors go through the website using mobile devices.  Many people nowadays use mobile devices to scour the internet because of the convenience, and it’s less time consuming.

Zumper makes money through utilizing their application fees and through their listing service, which allows members to list rentals. They are competing with Craigslist and Hotpads (owned by Zillow) in the rental space realm, just to name a few of their competitors.

It will be interesting to see the direction Zumper goes in the real estate rental market…. -SB

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