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By: Economic & Finance Report

 It seems as though the housing market in northern California has taken off, and there is no indication that it is looking back either. In the city of San Francisco, one of the hottest housing markets in the US, houses seem to be moving quicker then ever. In Oakland another dynamic market in northern Cali, houses have doubled and in some cases tripled in sales from the previous year, next comes the lucrative and expansive area of San Jose.

Hopefully everyone’s credit scores are up to par, or at least close to be. These markets show no signs of devaluing in value. CNN MONEY indicates that the northern California market is picking up rapidly as the rest of the country is gradually uptrending in sales.

For first time home buyers, CNN MONEY states that the Midwest comes after the West Coast in affordable housing comps, especially couples or families pursuing a house for middle class income. The Midwest is the market to seek in a direction of affordability. -SB

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