Millennials and generation-Z can gain real insight and understanding of war, on my website

James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM

People think they know and understand war as they watch news report after news report on wars, small and large, across the world. In reality, people have virtually no real understanding, just images and story lines from books, movies and television. War is like any other pandemic . . . if you ever hope to control it, you must first have a firm understanding of it. Chapter
V Basic Theory of War, an excerpt from my book
“America’s Slide into Domestic Terrorism” from the series Technology Monogram for Law Enforcement, provides such an understanding to this very important part of our world.

This excerpt is reproduced on my website both as a web page and as a pdf download file, which can be printed as a hard copy to read at your leisure. This chapter will give you a rational basic understanding about war, in particular the mechanics or process of how wars erupt. Only by gaining a real rational understanding about war, can the Millennials and generation-Zs understand what is happening in the world that in turn is shaping the future of American’s youth. This is a very important subject that everyone needs to have some understanding of.

The book itself, “America’s Slide into Domestic Terrorism” is available by ordering from the book section of’s.

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