Google vector logo. The emblem of the good corporation.

By: Economic & Finance Report

Google stock (Goog) has surged close to 70% for the 2021 calendar year. Google’s market cap has reached past $2 trillion. 2021 has been the best productive year for Google (Alphabet: Goog) stock; since 2009. Companies such as Microsoft (MSFT); Meta (Facebook: FB); Amazon (AMZN) are its closest rivals; as far as stock surges.

Google (Goog) has gained its share of consumer customers because of its expanding digital products. They have improved developments in their cloud division and enhanced digital web products, such as Google Maps. They have also added more development features to their YouTube video formats, which include YouTube Shorts (that rival Tik-Tok & Facebook’s Instagram Reels). Google (Goog) still maintains the majority of their revenue from their advertising. -SB

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