By: James Lyman

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Last night, my wife and I watched the 1985 movie “Eleni”, based on the book by the same title, written by her son Nicholos Gage.  Starring John Malkovich and Kate Nelligan, it’s the story of Eleni and her brood of children, including Nicholos, during the Greek civil war of 1946, when her village Lia was occupied by the Greek communist.  The communist immediately begin converting the people into good little communist, working to gain control of the people, but Eleni balked at giving up her children for the communist to take to Russia for indoctrination.

This marked Eleni as a counter revolutionary, a dangerous spot for anyone to be in.  The communist made slaves of the people including Eleni, used them for laborers doing hard manual work for the communist who in turn starved the people, beat and abused them.  Constantly terrorizing the people to coerce them into becoming communist, and those who resist were singled out for special treatment.  When her children escaped to freedom with other villagers, Eleni was imprisoned, beaten and torture to sign a false confession.  Then with about a dozen others, was taken out and shot.  The real purpose of the torture and executions was to terrorize the other villagers into submission.

As with any other totalitarian government the real objective was the gaining of complete and total control over all the people, without any regard to the pain and misery inflicted on the people.  The real driving force was that ‘monkey desire’ to have more people to dominate and control as if acting out a Jane Goodall documentary.  That desire to have a band of ‘monkeys’ of their own, to then grow the number of people under their control, while the Marxist philosophy of a new and better society for humanity effectively forgotten, with no more concern for the suffering of the people than for livestock on a farm.

But it’s not just control of people by totalitarian governments!  Even in our benign, benevolent democratic governments, we have that same burning desire to control and dominate people and use them for their own purposes.  Instead of savage beatings and torture to gain that control, the technologies of mass media and mass marketing are used, made more effective by Decisions Science which makes these technologies even more effective.  Indeed, this mind control is much more effective than the methods of totalitarian states, since people don’t resist because they don’t realize they are being controlled.  

You need to realize just how very little real control over the choices and decisions you make in your daily life, that you don’t have as free a mind as you assume.  This is an incredible technology that is now a part of our governments and elections, and therefore is a significant part of making your future.  Indirectly, your economic and finical future is being determined by these technologies, and therefore is very important for you and your future well being.

This is a subject you need to know and understand, so I will be talking more about Decisions Science.

Image Credit: Eleni By Nicolas Gage


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