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A University of Southern California math and economics major sold his stock position of Bed Bath & Beyond. The sale of the position netted Jake Freeman $110 million in profit. Mr. Freeman is founder and head of Freeman Capital Management, a capital management firm based in southern Cal.

Jake Freeman who only happens to be 20 years young, running this elusive capital management firm (Freeman Capital Management). He sold his entire shares position Tuesday, August 17, 2022; according to SEC filings. Freeman happened to sell his shares at the right precise time; as Bed Bath & Beyond stock dropped the next day, Wednesday, August 17, 2022. The stock price spiraled downward more than 19% from the previous day. Freeman was able to sell his positions before the major decline of the Bed Bath & Beyond stock price. -SB

Image Source: The New York Post

College Student Sells Bed Bath & Beyond Stock, Makes $110 Million (

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