2016 US elections

By: Economic & Finance Report

BOFA Merrill Lynch analysts have warned of a correction in the stock market because of the high risks presented in this year US presidential election.  Wall Street has its bets on former Secretary of State; Hillary Rodham Clinton. Wall St. believes Secretary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, but nothing has been characterized as a sure thing, as uncertainty is still present.

Don’t count the Republican challenger, Donald J. Trump out the mix.  Trump is still in contention for the presidency, as some stats have him only trailing by 4-5% behind Clinton. With news emerging on Clinton’s foundation connections recently, with heads of state of other countries and Mr. Trumps miscalculations and flubs, both candidates are not a shoe in by many voters this cycle. This seems to have an effect on the stock market and strategists believe that it is placing the stock market on edge.

Analysts and strategists particularly from banking giant BOFA Merrill Lynch, have indicated a strong correction and slowing down of new investment and businesses this cycle; because of how the election this year is progressing. The presidential election has left the domestic markets in unease and in tumult. Nothing is ever definite in the global markets but all eyes are watching to see the effect the elections present to US and global financial markets. -SB


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