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James Lyman BSAE, BSEE, MSSM

For the last few years, I’ve written about fifty articles dealing with the problems which millennials and generation-Z now face in their future. One important factor, which these articles touch on but never squarely address, is the problems inherent to chronic non-performance of governments, both large and small. The young people’s economic well being is directly coupled to the effectiveness and ability of governments, in particular the Federal government, in addressing, analyzing and solving problems. Paramount is the problems of obsolescent and technology displacement that each and every one of the millennials and generation-Z now face and will face even more in their future. My website,, has one section dealing with this topic, and by clicking on Our Government’s Ability, takes you to a menu of other pages dealing with non-performance of governments.

Daily on the news we witness the continual ‘monkey fighting’ of congressmen and senators, but none of their fighting deals with the three major forces that are combining to push so many Americans out of the social-economic system.

High Cost of Keeping Individuals in a High Technology Society

       People Failing to Advance Technologically

                Displacement of People’s Jobs by Technology

What you see on the news today is ample evidence of how little our representatives are able to address the real problems of the people, and therefore the future for Americans. The inability and failings of governments to perform isn’t limited to just the Federal or other large governments. The small out of the way, back water hamlet of Bandera County in Texas, where I live, is an excellent example of non-performance at a high cost. In my writings about dysfunctionality, I use Bandera as an example or case study of how even the smallest government entity fails with the loss of the balancing tensions of checks and balances.

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