1) There were 134,000 jobs added to the US economy in September, the lowest this year.  The unemployment rate is down to 3.7%, the lowest in 49 years.  The trade war does not seem to be effecting the US economy yet.

2) The global markets took a hit amid reports of China using special spy-chips in servers to facilitate hacking.

3) The stock market suffered a drop because of the dropping of job numbers, coupled with increasing fears of interest rates being raised to forego inflation. Additionally, there is the increase cost in energy.

4) 5 OCT 18    Stock   market   closings:

Dow                        26,447.05    down      180.43
Nasdaq                     7,788.45    down        91.06
S&P 500                    2,885.57    down        16.04

10 Year Yield:      up   at   3.22%

Oil:       $74.29    down   from    $74.65


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