1) Family Dollar store is shutting down 400 of its stores while planning to open another 1,000 stores. Sales continue to drop as the corporation experiments on pricing-product mix to revitalize its revenues.

2) Amazon announced it is closing all of its 87 ‘pop-up’ stores. The pop-up store is actually a kiosk placed in major retail stores that allow people to try out some Amazon products and services. Amazon is exploring other strategies of expanding into the consumer market.

3) Analyst have worried that hiring would slow as the pool of unemployed people shrank, but it turns out that millions of people who had dropped out of the job market and therefore were not being counted as unemployed anymore, are returning to the job market.

4) 7 MAR 19 Stock market closings:

Dow              25,473.23      down      200.23
Nasdaq           7,421.46      down        84.46
S&P 500           2,748.93     down        22.52

10 Year Yield:     down   at    2.64%

Oil:    down   at    $56.44

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