1) Ford Motor Co. is recalling 2 million of its F-150 pickups to fix a potential fire hazard. The affected models are 2015 through 2018 F-150, the regular cab and SuperCrew cab trucks.

2) In August, business executives sold more than $10 billion of their stock holdings, the most since November. This may signal that the rally of U.S. stocks is about to end.

3) Wisconsin is troubled with labor shortages with a 2.7% unemployment rate, leaving the state short of an estimated 45,000 jobs. The state has a one million dollar advertising campaign trying to draw workers from Chicago, while also training women prisoners in industrial skills to gain extra workers.

4) 6 SEP 18   Stock   market   closing:

Dow                    25,995.87           up       20.88
Nasdaq                 7,922.73      down       72.45
S&P 500                 2,878.05     down       10.55

10 Year Yield:       down   at    2.88%

Oil:         up   at    $67.92

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