1) Tech stocks dropped 5%, the worst drop in seven years. This prompted warnings to expect another 5% drop.

2) Apple is pulling the stock markets down because of it’s drop in sales, in particular I-phones sales in China. Slow sales are blamed on high prices for Apple phones coupled with China’s declining economy.

3) Recent survey finds that 51% of American young people favor socialism, a growing number as more young people are pushed out of the economic system unable to make substantive contributions to society.

4) 3 JAN 19 Stock market closings:

 Dow              22,686.22 down 660.02
Nasdaq          6,463.50       down   202.43
S&P 500           2,447.89       down      62.14

10 Year Yield: down at 2.55%

Oil: down at $46.98

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