1) Intelligence is warning that China is intent on dominating the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. The Chinese are making wide use of cyber attacks to gain the technical information they require to gain dominance. The Chinese have a long term strategy, leaving questions if China is an adversary or strong competitor.

2) President Trump has expressed a willingness to close down the government in pursuit of building a border wall.

3) Questions have risen if Italy should exit the European Union too, spurred by Britain’s exit, which is now in progress.

4) The remaining family members of the seven who died in the sinking of an amphibious truck (DUKW or duck) on Lake Branson have filed a $100 million dollar law suit in federal court.

5) Slave markets are still very active in the Nigeria-Libya area of Africa. Both men and women are regularly bought and sold in slave markets and auctions, sometimes more than once. Many are never heard from again, reminiscent of the eighteenth and nineteenth century slave trade. People are transported from Nigeria, across the Sahara desert to Libya, with little to no food and water, on promises of getting to Europe and work. Most of the women are sold as sex slaves.

6) 30 JUL 18 Stock market closings:

Dow                 25,306.83       down     144.23
Nasdaq              7,630.00       down     107.41
S&P 500             2,802.60       down       16.22

Oil    up    at    $70.19

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