1) Just two days after its IPO, Lyft stock price has dropped to $68 per share, which is $4 below it’s offering price of $72 per share. No bad news had been released about Lyft, it’s just that volatile stock prices is part of IPO’s.

2) Netflix prices to customer goes up this next month. Price increases is going to help pay for new program production. Netflix budgeted $8 billion dollars for new shows and movies in 2018 and expects a larger budget for 2019.

3) 2 APR 19 Stock market closings:

Dow               26,179.13     down    79.29
Nasdaq            7,848.69           up    19.78
S&P 500           2,867.24           up      0.05

10 Year Yield:    down   at    2.48%

Oil:    up   at    $62.59

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