New posted article below titled “SIRIUS XM TO BUY PANDORA”

1) The CEO Musk of Tesla is threatened by a law suit from the SEC over Musk’s public statement that he intended to take the company private causing a sharp increase in Tesla’s stock price with resulting chaos. The SEC also seeks to banned Musk from running any publicly held company.

2) Boeing aircraft has partnered up with Saab aircraft to win a $9.2 billion dollar contract for the Air Force’s next training jet to replace the 50 year old T-38.

3) Home mortgage rates have reached a 7 year high as the days of easy money seem to be coming to an end.

4) 27 SEP 18 Stock market closings:

Dow 26,439.93 up 54.65
Nasdaq 8,041.97 up 51.60
S&P 500 2,914.00 up 8.03

10 Year Yield: down at 3.06%

Oil: $72.20 up from $72.04

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