1) Economic growth revised downwards to 3.4% for the fourth quarter.

2) De Beers, the major marketeer of diamonds, is fighting back on lab-grown diamonds. For decades De Beers has refused to sell artificial diamonds, but the widen price gap is cutting into the sales of traditional diamonds, with artificial diamonds now 42% lower. With growing sales to the millennials, De Beers has invested in a factory to produce its own artificial diamonds.

3) The Dow had the largest single day gain in history of over 1000 points, a drastic reversal of the previous consecutive days of large losses. The sudden unexpected surge is driven by the best holiday retail sales season in six years, with $850 billion dollars in Christmas sales, making it a record breaking season. Fears abound that this will be reversed in the near future because of the troubled world economies.

4) 26 DEC 18 Stock market closings: Record breaking gains.

 Dow               22,878.45 up 1086.25
Nasdaq           6,554.36 up   361.44
S&P 500           2,467.70      up        116.60

10 Year Yield: up   at       2.80%

Oil: up    at      $46.62

24 DEC 18 Previous stock market closings (Monday):

 Dow               21,792.20 down 653.17
Nasdaq          6,192.92 down 140.08
S&P 500          2,351.10 down       65.52

10 Year Yield: down at 2.75%

Oil: up at $42.87

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