New posted article below titled “SIRIUS XM TO BUY PANDORA”

1) Today, consumers are in better shape with their debt.  Current policy suggests further near-term improvement, but at a price. Increasing the federal debt risk precipitating a new crisis.

2) The China tariffs could hit U.S. consumers with such products as computers, furniture, seats, lamps, luggage, agricultural and food products, vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances and refrigerators among other products.

3) At the start of the trade war, China looked tough on trade, but now its options appear to be dwindling.

4) 25 SEP 18     Stock   market   closings:

Dow                  26,492.21        down       69.84
Nasdaq               8,007.47              up       14.22
S&P 500              2,915.56         down         3.81

10 Year Yield:    up   at    3.10%

Oil:      $71.93    down   from    $72.25

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