1) Britain has again declared they will exit the EU (European Union) even if negotiations are not completed at the end of March.  The EU council president is calling for a Brexit conference in mid November.

2) Amazon announced the opening of 3,000 of their ‘Go Stores’ across the country as Amazon expands out of internet commerce into the more traditional brick and mortar commerce.

3) The United States is now the top supplier of soy beans to the European Union, supplying 52% of EU needs.  Soy beans was one of the first imports China imposed retaliatory tariffs on.

4) 20 SEP 18         Stock market closings:   Record high closing today.  Economy looks very healthy.

Dow                  26,656.98          up        251.22
Nasdaq               8,028.23          up          78.19
S&P 500              2,930.75          up          22.80

10 Year Yield:    no   change   at   3.08%

Oil:     $70.21    down   from   $71.32

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