New article posted below, titled “Recession Worries?”

1) Another major drop in the markets, with the Dow and S&P wiping out their 2018 gains. Oil is down, the biggest single day fall in 3 years.  Markets reacting to concerns of future higher interest rates and a slowing of international economics.

2) GM had offered salaried employees a buyout, but only a little over half the needed 7,000 employees have accepted, leading to fears of pending layoffs in January.

3) 20 NOV 18      Stock market closings:

Dow                   24,465.64        down        551.80
Nasdaq                6,908.82        down        119.65
S&P 500               2,641.89        down          48.84

10 Year Yield:     down   at    3.05%

Oil:            up   at    $53.57

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