1) American retail sales dropped in December to their lowest in nine years. This weakness shows an across the board slowdown of the economy.

2) The US student debt delinquency tops $166 billion dollars. These are debts that are ninety days or more behind. Wide spread defaults could drive the federal deficient higher if not paid.

3) There is a record seven million Americans that are three months or more behind in their car payments, a red flag economic warning that many Americans are struggling to pay their bills. This is especially true for showing duress in the low income working class.

 4) 15 FEB 19 Stock market closings:

Dow          25,883.25    up    443.86
Nasdaq       7,472.41    up      45.45
S&P 500      2,775.60    up      29.87

10 Year Yield:     up   at    2.67%

Oil:    up   a   t $55.79

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