1) Japan has embarked on a massive military buildup to counter the growing threat of China.   They are purchasing F35’s for use on their new aircraft carrier, their first since World War II.  Japan will be buying weapons from the United States, with an initial outlay of $10 billion dollars.

2) Sears, who is in bankruptcy and is closing many stores with large numbers of layoffs, plans to give out $25 million dollars in bonuses to their top executives.

3) The stock markets have had their worst December since the Great Depression.

4) 18 DEC 18              Stock market closings:

 Dow          23,675.64         up         82.66
Nasdaq        6,783.91         up         30.18
S&P 500       2,546.16         up            0.22

10 Year Yield:       down   at      2.82%

Oil:     up    at     $46.30

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