1) There were 7.14 million job openings in August, the highest ever. Job openings out paced unemployment.

2) Federal government closed its 2018 fiscal year with a $779 billion dollar deficit, the highest in 6 years. Some experts warn that the rising US debt could hamper any US fiscal response to a down turn.

3) There are fears of oil pushing to over $100, maybe even going as high as $400 if US does sanction Saudi Arabia.

4) 16 OCT 18    Stock   market   closings:   Markets leap upwards because of news about job openings.

Dow                           25,798.42             up      547.87
Nasdaq                        7,645.49             up      214.74
S&P 500                       2,809.92              up        59.13

10 Year Yield:         down   at    3.16%

Oil:     $72.26    up   from    $71.68

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