1) European markets remain stable despite the vote to reject the Brexit plan.

2) Prime Minister May narrowly survived a no confidence vote. Fears continue of economic chaos if Britain does a ‘no-deal’ exit in ten weeks.

3) Ford Motor Company forecasts a weaker than expected forth quarter making for uncertainty in 2019. Ford is the top seller in Britain, so a no-deal Brexit could be harmful for the motor company. Additionally, Ford hasn’t provided a profit forecast for 2019.

4) 16 JAN 19     Stock market closings:

Dow                  24,207.16    up   141.57
Nasdaq               7,034.69    up     10.86
S&P 500              2,616.10    up       5.80

10 Year Yield:   up   at    2.73%

Oil:   unchanged   at   $52.31

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