New article posted below titled, “SEARS SEEMS TO BE GOING THRU BANKRUPTCY………”

1) Chinese markets drop because of the decline of China’s economy, the biggest drop in 4 years.  There are fears that this might cause China to devaluate its currency follow by a drop in capital investment.

2) It’s reported that Sears will close up to 150 of its stores in bankruptcy, leaving the retailer chain with about 300 stores.

3) The retailer Target is making progress in returning to it’s pre early 2000s position by reinventing itself, doing extensive market research and creating a number of in-house brand names for the fashion and cost conscious consumer.

4) 12 OCT 18    Stock   market   closings:

Dow                            25,339.99        up         287.16
Nasdaq                         7,496.89        up         167.83
S&P 500                        2,767.13        up           38.76

10 Year Yield:          up   at   3.14%

Oil:       $71.51    up   from    $71.20

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