New article posted below titled, “Millennials and China’s Drive for Oil”

1) World stock markets continue to slid down to hit a new one month low, in response to Turkey’s continuing currency crisis. Fears arise over Turkey’s continual currency slide downwards, as well as Turkey’s move towards an authoritarian government who is increasingly moving away from other western nations while moving closer to Russia

2)  President Trump signed the John McCain defense bill which will bring massive spending for defense and a building up of the military. This infusion of government spending should prove a stimulus to the economy.

3)  The grocery store chain Aldi announces a major U.S. Expansion by expanding its online grocery services and launching curbside pickup. Aldi started testing online grocery delivery in select cities last year through a partnership with Instacart.

4)  13 AUG 18       Stock   market   closings:

Dow                 25,187.70         down      125.44
Nasdaq               7,819.71        down        19.40
S&P 500              2,821.93        down        11.35

10 Year Yield      up   at   2.88%

Oil       down   at   $67.51

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