Podcast Episode #24, the 3 economic amigos Bizman Bassey, James Lymon, and Jon Don on the boards, got to interview a successful millennial dj, by the name of DJ ReKap. He has been creating major impressions on social media with his DJ sets. He has garnered attention from his Live.me, instagram, and twitter, gaining access and recognition by his peers and legends alike, such as rapper Too Short and Dj King Assassin who has worked with Tupac Shakur.

ReKap spoke to our podcast about the importance of social media being utilized as a necessary platform for artists, producers and djs and how it has helped and created relationships for his career. He also spoke on how social media affects the EDM, dance music, and techno scene, as well as his social media following. He discussed on where he plans to take his music, djing and production skills, to achieve the next level of his career.

This is an incredible interview that you do not want to miss out on. Remember as always Real Recognize Deal$$$, while you Stay Bless & God Bless…..


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